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‘Ballistics” is an efficient and accurate military grade 4-DOF solutions for small arms trajectories, including corrections for Wind, Magnus Effect, Coriolis Effect and Atmospheric Conditions. It will come in handy both to casual and dedicated shooters, allowing fast and confident shot placement at various distances. “Ballistics” is an autonomous software package that once installed, does not require an internet connection to provide full functionality. It is also resource friendly, so you can use it for many hours in the field without excess drain on device battery. “Ballistics” features a fast ballistic solver based on G1-G8 drag models. Supports input/output in Imperial and Metric units. Elevation and windage adjustments are presented in MOA, MRad, MDot, CPHM, IPHM, IPHY and clicks. Instant holdover is visible on a reticle. Profiles for rifle and ammo data are saved, so all you have to enter for quick solution is range and shooting conditions. Some of the other key features include: 1. Temperature and barometric inputs 2. Angle to target inputs 3. Wind direction and speed inputs 4. Detailed cartridge (more than 4000 bullets types) and barrel data inputs 5. Table-based data output 6. Data export to email.

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As a social media marketer, how do you manage your company’s reputation, share updates and engage with the community across multiple social networks at once? It is not an easy task to do by hand, and this is when social media management tools can help. Meet BuzzBundle: a hot-new dashboard for easy management of your company’s social accounts (all at once). The SMM software saves you a ton of time and pain by letting you keep your logins/passes and the history of your social activities in one place.

BuzzBundle presents your brand’s social mentions in the form of easily-navigable streams. You can configure the tool to fetch mentions relevant to your brand keywords, your site’s URL or the names/URLs of your competitors. This way you can stay on top of industry trends, spot conversation critical to your biz and take immediate action if required. BuzzBundle allows you to reply to posts, send PMs to users and retweet tweets directly from your dashboard. The replies you post will then appear in a separate feed called “My Posts.” The software enables you to add existing accounts or to create new accounts for the social networks you manage. And, besides being able to add your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other profiles to BuzzBundle, you can also create social profiles for other members of your team: your support manager, your HR, your CEO.

If you need to post the same announcement to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, BuzzBundle lets you do that in a click. Besides, you can postpone publication and schedule it for the peak time to reach a larger audience. BuzzBundle currently supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Yahoo Answers, WordPress blogs, phpBB and Vbulletin forums. However, many more social websites are coming soon such as YouTube, Yelp, Quora, LinkedIn and others. In case you need to learn more about the person/the post you’re replying to, you can find additional information right within BuzzBundle – by using it built-in browser. And, finally, you can tune BuzzBundle to your personal needs and preferences: pick a color scheme, set rules for your streams, create custom streams.

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CodeInventors Sounds is easy to use music player. Create play-lists and drag or drop music files to them, or drag a folder full of music files to create a play-list out of that. When you quit the app, your song position can be saved and then resumed next time you use the app, play-lists can be looped (as can individual songs), and tracks can be shuffled. Add tracks to and from other playlist, build new playlists from current one, and you also have the ability to delete actual files when removing tracks from the track list.